The Ambient Vault

Episode 53 - Florigenix

March 20, 2022 Brian Everett Miller Season 2022 Episode 53
The Ambient Vault
Episode 53 - Florigenix
Show Notes

Episode 53 of The Ambient Vault podcast features special guest Florigenix.  Florigenix is an electronic music project created by the artist Nicholas Dallwitz in Adelaide, South Australia.

Dallwitz’s other solo musical pseudonym is Magus Niche, and has played in a number of underground bands and performance art projects throughout his life, as well as being a visual artist where he has exhibited drawings and paintings.

Florigenix originally started in 2017 as a live dance music act, where Dallwitz improvised on stage using drum machines and synthesisers. It has since become his main musical outlet, where he experiments with ambient composition as well as retro psychedelia and sound design, regularly posting his work on instagram. An avid DIYer, In 2020 he completed building a portable setup for his modular and hardware synthesisers which can be solar powered.

This episode features an amazing 25 minute recorded live jam that Nicholas was kind enough to share, it’s a remarkable demonstration of his knowledge, craft, and musicality - you’ll definitely want to hear this one! Many thanks to Nicholas for being on the podcast.  Click the link below to keep up with all things Florigenix and as always thanks for listening!

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