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Episode 54 - Julia Gjertsen

March 27, 2022 Brian Everett Miller Season 2022 Episode 54
The Ambient Vault
Episode 54 - Julia Gjertsen
Show Notes

Episode 54 of The Ambient Vault podcast features special guest Julia Gjertsen.  Julia is a composer and musician based in Oslo, Norway. 

She early found ways to express herself through music, strongly inspired by the arctic nature in Northern Norway and triggered by particular life events. Her debut EPSlow Motion Stories was released in 2012 and her style has since been evolving with thoughtfully arranged compositions and sound images. Julia’s full-length album Fragile (2019) was released on Moderna Records and reflects the time between the experienced and learned past, giving a fragile definition to her surroundings through piano compositions. She has been involved in several collaborative releases, such as Distant Fields (2020) and 'Paisajes Imaginario' (2022) with Nico Rosenberg. On her newest album 'Formations', which came out this year, she brings in flutes, synths and textured ambience to her piano work and explores dynamics in her own unique style.

This episode features four tracks that Julia has been so generous to share with us here on The Ambient Vault. 

1. Innsjøer (with Nico Rosenberg), released in 2020.

2. Untuned, (2017), not released.

3. Drifts (with Nico Rosenberg), released in 2022.

4. Escapism, released in 2012

Many thanks to Julia Gjertsen for being on the podcast and as always thanks for listening! Check the links below to follow Julia and support her fabulous work.

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