The Ambient Vault

Episode 56 - Chelidon Frame

April 09, 2022 Brian Everett Miller Season 2022 Episode 56
The Ambient Vault
Episode 56 - Chelidon Frame
Show Notes

Episode 56 of The Ambient Vault podcast features special guest Chelidon Frame.  Chelidon Frame is an experimental electronic music project that mainly works with field recordings, radio interferences, guitars and processed sounds.
His installations are experienced-based and suggest a dialogue between the location (both virtual and physical) and the sounds proposed, aiming to deliver a message in the simpler yet most effective way. The use of code, data analysis and data-driven sounds, allow information to be experienced anew.
In his studio works and live sets different layers of sounds - guitars, synthesizers and custom-made instruments - piles up creating unexpected new soundscapes.  In this week’s episode, Chelidon Frame has treated us to the following tracks:

01 - Mission Control
02 - High Rise
03 - circle-ellipse
04 - Following After February 05 - Thalassa
06 - Wings in The Dark

Many thanks to Chelidon Frame being a part of the podcast and as always, thanks for listening! You can discover more about all things Chelidon Frame using the links below.

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