The Ambient Vault

Episode 58 - Keinseier

April 24, 2022 Brian Everett Miller Season 2022 Episode 58
The Ambient Vault
Episode 58 - Keinseier
Show Notes

Episode 58 of The Ambient Vault features special guest Keinseier.  Keinseier (/kaɪn-zaɪɑː/ rhymes with line-flyer) is an electronic artist interested in exploring the creative process and music through combinations of organic and electronic sounds. From tiny glitches to orchestral string instruments, he uses generative and randomization techniques to create ever-evolving, oftentimes ambient and cinematic pieces, which tend to include both analog and digital noises - which are reused to create something new.  In „real life“ he is a trained media composer (who majored in film scoring at Berklee College of Music) and has written music to a multitude of commercials, feature films and tv series`.
keinseier lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.

“I started the whole keinseier project as a way to release music free from the limitations of genre, style and external and internal censors.
Since my day job is that of a media composer, my music often has to meet very specific demands - be it in the emotion it evokes, the length, the dynamic arc etc.
I wanted to give myself the chance and challenge of just making the kind of music that happens to come out, given the tools I choose. This has been a sometimes surprising, sometimes challenging but very rewarding experience. In trying not to censor myself to what I think is cool, what I think the audience wants to hear or I myself think I want to hear etc, I often arrive at surprising results which tend to come really easy - because I am not necessarily trying to achieve something in particular, but let the music take me where it wants to go. Results which, to me, are far more interesting than trying to write adhering to a certain image I have of myself.” - Keinseier

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