The Ambient Vault

Episode 68 - Celadon.wav

August 14, 2022 Brian Everett Miller Season 2022 Episode 68
The Ambient Vault
Episode 68 - Celadon.wav
Show Notes

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Episode 68 of The Ambient Vault podcast features special guest Celadon.wav.

“I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT working in film and television and returned to music after a long hiatus to explore electronic music and its place in scoring for the screen.

This series of tracks I wrote specifically for the Ambient Vault is the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist recorded with only the Make Noise Shared System, Strega, OTO Machines BAM and BOUM, and a Sony PCM-D100.”

Very grateful to Celadon.wav for sharing tracks that he made just for the podcast, it’s  always a treat and an honor..thanks man!

You can check out all things Celadon.wav by clicking the links below and as always thanks so much for listening!


Celadon.wav on the Deerhorn podcast