The Ambient Vault

Episode 28 - Noctopolis

April 04, 2021 Brian Everett Miller Season 2021 Episode 28
The Ambient Vault
Episode 28 - Noctopolis
Show Notes

Episode 28 of The Ambient Vault podcast features my special guest Noctopolis.  Noctopolis is an electronic based and narrative project by Mattis Hencke from Uppsala, Sweden, using ciat-lonbarde and other touch based instruments like the Lyra 8, field recordings, e-bow gtr, etc.

The latest album, “Perelandra”, is the second in a trilogy with the third album coming later this year.  Other recent releases include singles and two track releases available on Bandcamp and all other major streaming services.  This week’s episode features a debut offering from Noctopolis tentatively titled, “Railway Planet”, a long form track made up of four separate tracks performed together.  Many thanks to Noctopolis for the great honor of letting me share your music on the podcast!

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