The Ambient Vault

Episode 33 - Panic Girl

May 22, 2021 Brian Everett Miller Season 2021 Episode 33
The Ambient Vault
Episode 33 - Panic Girl
Show Notes

Episode 33 of The Ambient Vault features my special guest Panic Girl.  Panic Girl is a modular downtempo artist based in Munich, Germany.  She was gracious to share a mix of tracks from her discography, including a track from her latest album, “BLUE”.

BLUE is Panic Girl’s third studio album and her most versatile yet. After years of exploring experimental instruments, new and old technologies and trying out different musical paths, she now combines her knowledge to compose intimate and mesmerizing songs with many hidden layers and little details for the listener to explore. Be prepared to discover field recordings from all over the world, lofi bits from cassette recorders and 8bit loopers, heavy bass sounds from vintage synthesizers among many other gems and oddities from her studio. BLUE is a journey into Panic Girl’s magic sonic realm, that she hopes will be the soundtrack to your next daydream.

Panic Girl is a modular downtempo artist based in Munich, Germany. She dedicated her life to music from an early age. After receiving classical training in piano, guitar, and singing she got deep into the production of electronic music. If you visit her place, it is hard to not fall over a big mess of cables and different production gear like a Eurorack System, the Marxophone, ARP2600, Jomox XBase 09,  Cocoquantus or Casio CZ 5000 synthesizer. Influenced by a wide range of music Panic Girl delivers a deep mixture of electronica and experimental sounds. Besides writing her own lyrics, she writes and produces all recordings on her own. Her current studio album is called “BLUE” and was released on “i u we records”,  a label that focusses on the beauty of female diversity in electronic music.

Track list for this episode:
1.  You Owe Me Nothing
2.  Unconscious Stream
3.  Morning Coffee in Tokyo
4.  Cherry Blossom Drama
5.  Himalayan Tea

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