The Ambient Vault

Episode 34 - The Broken Cradle

May 29, 2021 Brian Everett Miller Season 2021 Episode 34
The Ambient Vault
Episode 34 - The Broken Cradle
Show Notes

Episode 34 of The Ambient Vault features my special guest The Broken Cradle. The Broken Cradle is an Ambient, Electronic, and Neoclassical artist and is the solo work of Eric McLean, a musician of over 20 years.

Influenced by the likes of Nils Frahm, Alessandro Cortini, Brian Eno, and Olafur Arnalds, The Broken Cradle leans toward compositional ambient and neoclassical music that moves from soothing piano melodies to gritty and soaring synthetic atmospheres. His music tells a story through the moods and soundscapes, interposed with gentle felt piano and strings.

The tracks featured in this episode, graciously shared by Eric,  are off his album “You Are Here and I Am Yours”.  See below for a statement from Eric about the album and a link to follow and listen to all things The Broken Cradle, and as always, thanks for listening!

“You Are Here and I Am Yours" is the story of family. The LP is an intimate look at what it means to be a family, from the pains of infertility and loss to the joy of adoption and birth. This is my story. This is the love letter to my children, each a unique soul that came to us in equally unique ways. Each song is a piece of a 10-year journey and tries to capture a glimpse of the most important people and moments in my life.

My hope is that you can find your own story here.  While this is my memoir in a sense, I know that music takes on new shapes, meanings, and interpretations. It is yours to listen to, enjoy, and reflect on your own life.

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