The Ambient Vault

Episode 36 - Clariloops

June 20, 2021 Brian Everett Miller Season 2021 Episode 36
The Ambient Vault
Episode 36 - Clariloops
Show Notes

Episode 36 of The Ambient Vault features my special guest Clariloops.  Clariloops is the project of Australian neo-classical/electronic artist Ruby Lulham.

Combining the sound of her clarinet with effects pedals and synthesised sound, Ruby experiments with electronics to create music that is unique yet familiar, existing between genres. The project started as a way of bringing stillness and creativity into Ruby’s classical music practice. The resulting sounds are rhythmic and calming, providing accompaniment to people’s movements and thoughts without intrusion. 

Learning clarinet through a jazz lens before transitioning to classical music, a curiosity in composition and improvisation was instilled in Ruby from a young age. Clariloops is influenced by a collection of things: neoclassical artists such as Ólafur Arnalds, Max Richter and Brian Eno, classical studies during university where Ruby discovered her love of 20th century impressionist composers, and the diverse sounds of music she loves, from instrumental hip hop and electronica to indie pop and rock. Performing as a classical musician in orchestras and wind ensembles for many years, Ruby started to create her own music in 2020 to find her voice away from the rigidity of classical music.

For her latest project, Ruby has dived further into the world of electronic production as she has spent time learning from experimental hip hop and electronic producers to bring something new to the Clariloops sound. Having just finished recording and producing a new album ’Sun//Rain', Ruby is spending her time discovering new sounds and completing collaborative projects with people all over the world.

Special thanks to Ruby for sharing her album, “Sun/Rain” on the podcast!

You can get the album and find out more about all things Clariloops by clicking the links below.

Link to album download:


Link to bandcamp (liner notes):

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