The Ambient Vault

Episode 40 - IDRA

August 21, 2021 Brian Everett Miller Season 2021 Episode 40
The Ambient Vault
Episode 40 - IDRA
Show Notes

Episode 40 of The Ambient Vault features special guest IDRA.  IDRA is the alias of Francesca Pavesi, a musician, producer and sound designer from Milan, Italy. Her project explores soundscapes, atmospheric and ambient music to transport the listener through spaces where they can feel free to discover worlds yet unknown. 

Francesca has been very generous to share some tracks on this week’s podcast, the first three of which can be found on her collaborative ep with fellow musician and friend of the podcast Sixmissing entitled “Wildflowers”. 

You can find a link to Wildflowers and all things IDRA below:


More IDRA:

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