The Ambient Vault

Episode 42 - Samuel Edmund

September 04, 2021 Brian Everett Miller Season 2021 Episode 42
The Ambient Vault
Episode 42 - Samuel Edmund
Show Notes

Episode 42 of The Ambient Vault podcast features special guest Samuel Edmund.  Samuel Edmund is the moniker of Jae Ryan when he makes broken, worn and nostalgic ambient music.

Jae has been generous to share tracks from his debut album “Due To”. “Due To” was released on Folded Note Records a few months ago and the tapes sold out within 24 hours!

“Due To” is an album full of live improvisations where Jae used a Minimoog, Buchla Music Easel, Digital Mellotron & Ciat-Lonbarde instruments.  “Due To” was Jae’s attempt to capture the strange emptiness brought on by lockdowns and COVID while still trying to provide plenty of hopefulness for the future.  A second edition cassette of “Due To” is available now. Link to the album and all things Jae are listed below. Thanks as always for listening!  

Jae also hosts a Podcast called “The Deerhorn” which focuses on Ciat-Lonbarde instruments. Each episode is a conversation with various members of the Ciat-Lonbarde community and focuses on the artists new releases, recording process, personal history & their love for various gear.  The Deerhorn often features the artists of Seil records & Folded Note Records.  

Recently, Jae was also a guest on the wonderful Podular Modcast as well.

The 4 tracks on this EP were made shortly after Jae moved from Edmonton to Vancouver.  He fell head over heels for the new city and each track on this is a love letter to his favourite places to skateboard in Vancouver.  When he’s not head first into a modular filled studio, Jae can usually be found skateboarding, hiking, cycling and taking pictures.

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